Three Steps To Teach You How To Apply Nail Polish!

Three steps to teach you how to apply nail polish!

Nowadays many girls are not satisfied with this result when they are applying nail polish.

However there are a lot of skills to apply nail polish well. Let’s learn it now.


Control the amount of nail polish

You’d better control the amount of nail polish which is on the brush before applying it. One side is covered with nail polish, On the other side, the nail polish is scraped off at the mouth of the nail polish bottle.


Divided into three steps to brush

No matter how to brush, the brush has been placed in the middle of the fingernail before brushing(Figure A)


First of all you’d better brush from the middle of the nail to the fingertips and then brush the other two sides. Remember to brush your fingertips from the edge of the nail.

Finally, brushing the remaining side completely.



Use the same way to brush the second floor

After finishing that you’d better use the same way to brush the second floor, in this way the effect is better and the color is more saturated.

Each finger is not the same length, especially the thumb, therefore brushing is also different. We can draw the thumb as shown below