46 The Best Minimalist Style Candle Lantern Decor Your Garden

Spring is approaching and can rearrange the garden finally .It’s really a happy thing.  Using Candle lantern to decorate the garden when choosing lighting fixtures is a very traditional and unique way of lighting. Because at night, Candle lantern’s light looks very happy and charming. At this time, you may be alone in the garden, drink a glass of wine and have some music. You can also sit in a warm sofa with the children ,watch the charming lights in the garden and tell a story. Candle lantern can choose minimalist style or traditional style,it can hang on the trees or put on the ground. There are many choices that can give you good advice on decorating gardens. Come and browse!

Of course, you can bring your creativity into full play.It’s not just candles.We can put any decorations we like to express our attitude towards life.You can put in some air-dried flowers and favorite handicraft also can be decorate the filament or the small light bulb that you like on the inside. This kind of Lantern space will not be very small and windproof work is well done.However, in the face of heavy rain and storms that we should pay attention to it carefully because it’s not waterproof.I like this garden ornament and I don’t need to draw a lot of money to find the feeling of warmth and happiness.When I see them, I think of the warmth and freedom of home.