Something About Your Long Nails


How to keep your long nail clean?

Wash your hand frequently.

Long nails may cause dangerous infection , therefore we must wash our hands carefully. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a special way to wash your hands, it is the most effective way to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Use clean,flowing water, apply soap and foam for 20 seconds, make sure to scrub the back of the hand, between the fingers and under the nails, wash your hands and dry it with a clean towel.

Keeping your nails dry and keeping your nails clean is just as important. Carefully dry with a clean towel after washing your hands. Carrying antibacterial hand sanitizer with you when there is no soap and water, make sure the disinfectant is gelatinous and contains at least 60% alcohol.

Don’t bite your nails, don’t rub your nails and cut off your nails. This will not only damage the nail bed, but even slight wounds or abrasions will breed bacteria and fungi.

How to grow long and healthy nails?

First of all don’t bite your nails ,biting nails hurts health. Although it is a habit for many people to bite nails, it can cause bacterial infection of the skin of the hands and mouth.


Don’t bite the skin around your nails, Do you think that only biting the skin around your nails will not cause damage to your nails? It’s wrong, This will only make your nails fragile due to the increased moisture in the saliva and will break more easily. Don’t use nails as a tool. Unlocking the key ring and pulling the hard label are very damaging or breaking your nails. Of course you may not realize that doing this will hurt your nails, but if you want to grow long, strong nails, you need to start paying attention.


Avoid letting your nails soak in the water for a long time, because the nails will soften and then easily break. Getting enough vitamin H. Vitamin H can promote the growth of nails and hair. It is best to consume 30-40 micrograms daily through food or supplements. Whole wheat, mushrooms, bananas and squid are important sources of vitam。