Knowledge Of Hand Cream

Why to apply Hand Cream?

Compared with facial skin, the hands’ skin lacks innate ability of self-moisturizing as there is not enough sebaceous gland distribution.

In addition, the external irritation to hand skin must be much larger than that of face for we often use our hands do various work or expose our hands to detergents containing alkaline ingredients, such as soaps, detergents, laundry detergents, etc. As a result, the problems of dryness and roughness in hands become more and more serious.


How often should Hand cream be applied a day?

It is far from enough to maintain hands’ skin by the way of maintaining facial skin as a result of the hands’ skin tends to be dry easily.

There is no a fixed frequency of applying hand cream so that you can apply it timely just after washing your hands or when your hands feel dry. Moreover, you can apply some moisturizing hand cream on the back of hands to form a protective film on the skin prior to housework, which could minimizing the irritation of detergent to your skin.