How Do White-Collar Women Do Hand Care?

The hand is the second face of a person.If the hand care is not done well,it will let you lose a lot of points. Especially women who work in the office often tap the keyboard, and the hands are exposed to more radiation, which is easy to dry。

1.Regular trimming

Develop the habit of regularly trimming your nails, keeping your nails clean and trimming your nail shape


The hand is one of the most active parts of our body, so it is easy to grow dead skin. Exfoliating is very important, Once you have a thick dead skin on your hand and you just let it go, even if you apply a good hand cream, you can’t absorb it. In general, more hands and body exfoliation is used in scrubs. Put your hands in hot water to soft the dead skin before using the scrub to exfoliate. The frequency of exfoliation in winter should not be too frequent, almost once or twice a month.


Just like the skin on the face, the skin on the hands should not forget the moisturizer. Most of us will choose hand cream for hand moisturizing .You can put a small hand cream in the cosmetic bag, which is convenient and does not occupy the place. Skin care products left in the palm of your hand during normal skin care can also be applied to your hands.

4.Hand mask

Hand mask is a further care than hand cream. If you usually do your hydration, the hand mask is not necessary. But if you want to attend the occasion, it is good for the first aid effect. In addition to professional hand mask products, you can also apply a thick cream before going to bed, then put on disposable gloves to sleep. Let the skin of your hands absorb more nutrients