Fragrant Niche Hand Care Cream

Fragrant Niche Hand Care Cream,I’m glad to share them with you.


As a niche brand in Japan, it is well known for fragrance making and its packaging design has always been very girlish, as well as this kind of hand cream is in no exception which has a pleasant smell of flower and fruit like the its perfume after combining with the fragrance ingredient. It contains care ingredients, such as shea butter, jojoba seed oil, morocco nut oil, sweet almond oil, which possess high moisture with non greasy. This is a hand cream that can be used as perfume and can be very suitable for putting in the bag as the small size. However, its fragrance holding time is not too long, the fragrance would be back immediately after applying again.


This is a brand from Switzerland and is the top brand of perfume with the idea of the most natural raw material and the most pure aroma. It mainly focused on selling perfume and considers making hand cream as second one, however, it is often sold out as a result of preference from Victoria Beckham. The efficacy is very high which a little can makes very moisturizing. Three popular kinds are BLANCHE, LA TULIP and BAL D’AFRIQUE.


Considering the hand cream with fragrance, L’OCCITANE certainly can not be dispensable in which the hand cream is one of their best products. There are a lot of fragrances with hand cream, wherein the shea butter, cherry blossoms, shea butter roses and sweet almonds gain good sale. Once applied, you could feel your hand locked by a layer of water firmly, which makes your hands’ skin soft and tender, as well as full of fragrance.


Hand cream is Jurlique’s star product and also known as “lady’s hand cream”. General hand cream only protects the surface of the hand skin, while Jurlique’s hand cream repairs deeply and moisturizes strongly in one. It can also be used as a hand mask, which would make skin of the back hand as smooth as silk. In addition, the fragrant smell of roses can stay with us for a long time.

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