What Kind Of Hand Cream Is More Suitable In Winter?

What kind of hand cream is more suitable in winter?

Modest instruments to which we owe our daily comforts, the hands deserve care befitting their unflinching service.

Hand creams suitable for winter use should satisfy two conditions. One is they should possess a high moisturizing degree, which can help the skin replenish oil. The other is they are supposed to have good permeability without causing obvious greasy feeling.

Hand cream with high moisturizing may not mainly be made of expensive raw materials, however, they must contains much more essential oils, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, mineral oil or vaseline. These ingredients are the key to ensure the moisturizing degree of hand cream and effective to enhance the sebum film, which could prevent the loss of moisturizing ingredients and skin water. In addition, hand cream will also incorporate some water-soluble and cutin softening ingredients, such as hydrolyzed protein, glycerol(glycerol) and urea while containing oil, which would greatly improve the permeability so that the moisturizing ingredients are absorbed by the skin faster without a sticky feeling remained on the surface.

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