What Brand Of Foot Cream Is Good?

What brand of foot cream is good? Symptomatic selection is the key!

Compared to the skin of the face and hands, the skin of the feet is often “forgotten” in the corner by daily care. Waiting until the skin of the foot is dry, and then ready to take care of the foot cream.

Dry skin
Age-related, lack of sleep can cause dry skin. Once the skin is dry, it can easily lead to other problems. When it comes to seasonal changes (especially in autumn and winter), it is very likely that the skin is chapped due to lack of water in the skin. In this regard, dry skin can be prevented by taking reasonable sleep and insisting on drinking plenty of water.

Vitamin deficiency
Vitamins are the health element of each of us.Once the human body lacks vitamins, the corresponding metabolic reaction will cause problems, which will lead to skin wrinkles and dryness. In other words, the intake of vitamins in the human body is not enough, which is an important cause of dry and cracked skin on the feet. It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Specificity of the foot skin
The skin of the foot has its own particularity compared to the skin of other parts of the body. The skin of the foot is more susceptible to cracking because the amount of sweat glands on the surface of the foot is reduced, the secretion of sebaceous glands is reduced, and the moisture of the skin is lost. Prevent cracks should be dried immediately after feet wash. You can choose to apply some moisturizing foot care products to repair. After understanding the relevant causes of dry skin of the foot, patients with dry skin problems can make targeted protective measures based on these causes. In addition, foot cream is also an important measure to relieve dry skin cracks. Choosing an effective repair factor and an intensive moisturizing factor to moisturize the heel skin while providing repair is the key.