Selection And Purchasing Skills Of Hand Protective Cream

Selection and Purchasing Skills of Hand Protective Cream


Understanding the types of hand cream

It’s a good way to protect your hands by choosing the right hand cream in winter. You often have no idea that which one suits yourself as there are so many brands of hand cream. Prior to choosing hand cream, the first thing is to know the type of hand cream. According to the ingredient, hand cream can be divided into three main categories: protective, moisturizing and active, which you should understand the type of hand cream when in need.


Pay attention to the ingredients of hand cream

In general, its not advisable to choose the hand cream containing spices, pigments and stimulating ingredients when in need of hand cream. In addition, its not recommended to choose the hand cream containing lavender essential oil if you have a wound on the skin. If the hand is peeled and cracked, products containing antioxidants and relaxants would be a good and suitable choice.


Choose differently according to season

When in winter, it’s advisable to choose hand cream against cracking and drying, which could help to prevent you from devastation of the cold wind. Hand creams with less moisturizing effect would be selected in spring and autumn, while the cream of refreshing type is suitable in summer.


People in different industries have different choices

Take an example of housewives, this kind of people often expose their hands to detergents and washing powder with higher possibility of corrosion causing the skin more rough as the housework, as well as it’s recommended to choose repair products for housewives to solve those issues.
A majority of white-collar workers are more exposed to computers that is full of radiation and makes hand dry easily, hence the moisturizing hand cream is more suitable for this kind of female. Also, so does the people in air-conditioned rooms and the moisture would do much good to hands.
In addition, it’s advisable to drink more water and eat more fruits with the external and internal in one, which can maintain white, delicate and soft hands constantly.