Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes Long Hair

We need to change the color of hair every new season. If you don’t want to change your hair, changing the color of your hair is the fastest way to change your image.Balayage is the most popular way of dyeing hair in recent years. Every fashionable girl has tried it and has been praised by everyone.

Balayage hair is layered and friendly to long and short hair. Pick a dominant tone, then choose two or three colors of the same color system but lighter to do layered and regional dyeing. Balayage which means “scanning” or “painting” in French, the same as its coloring technique: from the top of the head, V-shaped vertical downward rendering, out of the effect like the sun-kissed the same, very smart and three-dimensional.


If you want to try balayage hair, please take a look at our collection of hair dye ideas which can bring you new inspiration, try it boldly!